Contact: Li Chi
Tel :0434-3300231
Fax :0434-6188784
Mobile: 18843428666
Company Profile
Siping Beiwei Molybdenum Industry Co., LTD is located in Siping City, Jilin Province, which is known as "a city of heroes" .The enterprise is located in the the Shanmen economic development zone ,which is famous for its beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. The traffic is very convenient since it is the junction of Jilin province and Liaoning province, the transportation hub of the northeast industrial base, and also the only way which must be passed for north and south traffic.
Our company was originally established in 1996 and the Beiwei Molybdenum Industry Co., LTD was set up in 2005.
The company has the advanced production equipment, high technological content, comprehensive management system, and scientific testing methods. We have won the awards “product quality trustworthy enterprise" and "contract trustworthiness enterprise". Our company mainly deals in the series of molybdenum products, with good quality and complete specification. The products are best-selling both domestic and abroad and are exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, which enjoy good reputation and a broad sales market.
During the past ten years, we uphold quality first and the user supreme spirit, have made proud achievements with the high quality product and reputation in the competitive molybdenum market. Now, we are willing to take the zealous service and high quality products for all users.
We invite friends at home and abroad to cooperate and develop hand in hand, make common development and create brilliant tomorrow.
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